i am really in love with this song...and slowly even more so...this album.  i've been listening to it all summer and just can't get enough of it.  it makes me smile. it makes me laugh.  it makes me want to sing.  something about its repetition and steady, slowly building beat really resonate with me. i love when bands use a variety of instruments and i love the 70's vibe it has but how it doesn't feel old.
check it out. and then buy the album!



i heart so many things.  some really awesome.  some just silly.  some i can't live without.  some that i really CAN'T live without.  some that i wonder why you would live without.  sometimes people ask me what i heart and i forget.  i heart too many things.  thus my i.heart blog was born.  

this is my first post and my list of hearts is really long so how do i decide on what the very first heart should be? music?  CAN'T live without it.  but who is my favorite band?  food?  that just seems depressing that my very first heart would be about food even though i love it quite a lot.  art clothes activities books gadgets drinks colors.  agh!  this is ridic. yeah i said it.  i really love shortening words.  it all started with the word TOTS.  I can't stand that word.  so i put my own twist on it and started saying TOTAL.  it's really catching.  all over you can hear people saying TOTAL, DIF, RIDIC...just you wait, one you start listening...you'll be shocked that it's everywhere.  i'm going to stick with you.  


for even bothering to read this blog.
for making me laugh.
for saying TOTAL.